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Reiki and energy healing strive to restore the balance of energy in us to support physical, mental, and emotional well being. I practice energy work through several techniques: hands on healing, distance healing, energy cleaningand land blessings. 


Energy healing is designed to restore the balance of energy in and around you to support your physical, mental, and emotional well being.  As a level II Reiki Practitioner, I am able to practice energy work in a variety of methods,  including hands on healing (traditionally referred to as Reiki), distance healing, land blessings, and energy clearing. Read below to learn about each method and how it might help you in your journey. 

Reiki or
Hands on Healing

By placing my hands on or near your body, I can sense energy blocks and move the energy for your greatest good. This practice has ancient roots with REI, meaning universal, and KI, meaning vital life force: the energy that flows through all living things. The practice of using Reiki stimulates the relaxation response, which encourages the body's natural healing process.

How can reiki help me?

A session begins with the client lying on a massage table or siting in a chair, fully dressed, while a practitioner places their palms on, or first over, different body areas that are thought to be hubs for energy. The practitioner positions their hands in up to 15 different ways, using gentle touch at most. They decide how long to leave their palm in each area based on the flow of energy that they perceive through their hands. This allows a practitioner to sense energy blocks and move the energy through the client's body to help facilitate the person's own healing.

Reiki Session Price

1 Hour Session: $80

Reiki balances vital energy that flows through all living things and reiki energy, once put into the body, goes to where it is needed most. It is used to relieve conditions like:

  • Pain

  • Anxiety & Depression 

  • Sore Muscles 

  • Organ Function

  • Emotional Well Being 

  • Boost Mood

  • Improve Sleep



Distance Healing

The body is permeated by an energy field that can affect our health and well being.  Together on video chat, we can work with this energy even at a distance, to clear it of blockages so you may regain balance and healing. This is great if you cannot attend an in person meeting.

Distance Healing

1 Hour Session: $80

Done through video chat

Energy Clearing

Energy inside and outside of the body, room, building, or land can become slow, negative, trapped, or pooled. That energy can be cleared using methods of reiki, sage burning, and crystal placement. Not sure if your space is a good fit for this type of healing, call me!

when to clear energy?

Clearing the energy of a space may be suitable when: 

  • Moving into a new home, office, or space

  • Plan to sell, buy, or build on new land

  • When having multiple overnight guests or a gathering

  • Bringing an additional member to your family, such as a child or pet

  • If you have a desire to bring new vitality to a space 

Land Blessings

The Earth holds ancestral pain and experiences. Because of that, blessing a piece of land can revitalize the energy in that space.  Whether the land is the site of your home, a potential build location, or sacred and meaningful place to you, blessing the land can restore the full energy, intent and vibration of the land.  After, it will return to being open and will reclaim a joyful, cleared, peaceful and protected existence. 

Not sure if a land blessing is for you? Call me!

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