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I changed my narrative. You can too.

I've been in your shoes...or sandals. 

I've walked on your lawn, mossied down your path, and cried in your river. 

I went through life doing what I thought was the best I could do. I was self-sabotaging, getting in my own way, setting myself up to fail. I've been consumed with negative self-talk, allowing old habits to resurface and stop any progress or change. But I survived my own story. And you can too.

Life Coaching has given me a way  to unearth what was holding me back, and it has given me tools to move forward. I would truly like to help you gain these tools of understanding through what I have learned.  I use my experiences, passion, empathy, and intuition to inspire and guide you on a journey of self discovery and personal growth, taking delight in exploring your dreams and true identity.

By listening and motivating, I strive to inspire healing and hope so you can live the life you've always envisioned. I help you prioritize your goals, take responsibility for your behaviors, and hold you accountable.  I use my connection with the energy that is trying to assist you on your physical journey through this lifetime in order to understand blocks and easily move past them. With an emphasis on holistic wellness, we can evaluate all aspects of your life to move you forward. Your goal is my goal for you. 

I have a masters in Health & Wellness Life Coaching from the International Coaching Federation.  I am also a certified Meditation, Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology Practitioner, and I focus on holistic wellness for individuals and groups.  Additionally, I am trained as a level II Reiki practitioner.


While I may have several credentials to support my career, what really qualifies me to work with others is my own experiences. As an artist, wife, mother, daughter, educator, intuitive, and healer, I take a compassionate, honest, non-judgemental and comedic approach to coaching that embraces life’s struggles and celebrates our unique journeys.


Together, we can find a way through.


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