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Mindfulness & meditation classes are great for individuals or for group settings. This is a practice that teaches you to slow down and let go of negativity in order to boost immunity, reduce anxiety, relieve chronic pain, and depression. 

Meditation and mindfulness is a mental training practice that teaches us to slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm both our minds and bodies. It combines meditation with the practice of mindfulness, which can be defined as a mental state that involves being fully focused on the now, so you can acknowledge and accept your thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgement. 

Meditation and mindfulness can benefit everyone!  Regular practice of mindfulness meditation has benefits for your physical as well as your mental health. It can be an excellent program to offer at gyms, for kids, or even corporate/businesses looking to harmonize employees, improve self esteem, and encourage compassionate leadership.  



Excellent for corporate or private groups. Guided meditation customized to your group's goals and needs such as decreasing stress, increasing productivity & creativity.



1 on 1 guided meditation, customized to your needs to deepen growth, healing, and peace.  



Are you interested in joining our monthly Full Moon Meditation with a sangha (community) in Ennis, MT? Check out our schedule here!

The Benefits of Meditation

Making mindfulness meditation a regular practice can lead to stronger effects. Studies have found that meditating 3-4 times per week can have huge benefits: 

  • Reducing Anxiety & Depression

  • Reducing Chronic Pain

  • Lowering Heart Rate

  • Improved Immunity

  • Better Sleep

Each client's needs are special. Call to discuss your goals and I can put together a unique package for you.

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