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Looking to begin a garden? Need some direction and guidance as to what to plant for your space, climate, abilities, or healing? Gardening is wonderful compliment to your personal wellness. Together we can create a garden sanctuary to fit your needs. 

As a Master Gardener, trained in the high dessert, Zone 4 climate of Southwest Montana, I can help you create a garden sanctuary that meets your personal needs. Together we can plan what to plant and where, work on what's already growing in your space, and strive to improve soil conditions. We'll look at your personal preferences around nutrition, movement, healing, time to commit, and enjoyment for how your special garden space can be used in cooperation with your needs. 

How will it work? We will meet to discuss your goals, space, skills, and needs from your garden. We'll assess your vitamin and mineral needs to help us determine the the best fruits and veggies for you to grow, creating an holistic approach to your garden and personal wellness. 

Who can a garden coach help?

  • Someone who wants to derive a passion in plants and gardening, not drudgery.

  • A person looking for physical activity, time outdoors, and better nutrition.

  • Someone that wants to incorporate their health & wellness needs into their garden. 

  • A gardener new to our area, especially Zone 4 gardening.

  • Someone who doesn't know how or where to start.

  • A gardener who wants to expand their selection of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

  • Someone who wants to learn about or improve soil health.




Initial on-site consultations begin at $150 for three hours. Each person's needs are unique, and we will flesh out a coaching plan that works for you. We could meet monthly, seasonally, or just once - whatever works for you!

What a Garden Coach will do? 

  • Assess Personal needs & goals, including nutritional needs, mobility needs, healing, time and budget.

  • Help plan garden layout

  • Help selecting plant varieties 

  • Provide guidance on gardening basics

  • Work to improve soil health

  • Learn  care and maintenance basics

  • Discuss harvesting, storage, and use

Each clients goals are unique. Call to discuss your interests, and I can put together a special package that meets your needs.

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