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Meet our favorite fuzzy character, Rubbish Raccoon.  These children's books help families and care-givers navigate difficult topics using illustrations and keywords to prompt conversation! Check out all four books in our series!

Hello Friends! We're so excited you're here. If you are a parent, teacher, or care-giver, you will fall in love with our favorite fuzzy character, Rubbish the Raccoon. I have created this lovely critter to help children and families navigate difficult topics. A three book series, these books are filled with thought provoking illustrations and helpful key words to give readers guidance in discussing big ideas. Take a look, we hope you'll enjoy!

Rubbish Raccoon Behaviors.png

Rubbish Raccoon: On Behaviors

By Carolyn Baker


Rubbish Raccoon: On Values

By Carolyn Baker


Rubbish Raccoon: On Emotions

By Carolyn Baker

Are you having a hard time talking to your kids about COVID-19?



Join us as Rubbish Raccoon guides you and your child through a conversation about COVID-19. Don't avoid talking about this important cultural event because you don't have the words. Let your kids do the talking!

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